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Resources on HIV, Older Adults and Aging
Ryan Hicks, Staff, Wisconsin HIV/STD/Hepatitis C Information & Referral Center

August 2011

With the HIV epidemic entering its third decade, the number of older adults living with HIV has increased. In 2005, adults aged 50 or older accounted for 24% of persons living with HIV/AIDS, an increase from 17% in 2001. People aged 50 or older also accounted for:
15% of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses
19% of all AIDS diagnoses
29% of persons living with AIDS
35% of all deaths of persons with AIDS [1]

Older adults can face a number of unique issues living with HIV. Below are a selection of information and resources for older adults and aging with HIV.

HIV/AIDS among Persons Aged 50 and Older - CDC
Statistics, prevention strategies and further information on adults aged 50 and older from the CDC.

Resources: Persons Aged 50 and Older - CDC
Links to statistics, fact sheets and reports on HIV among persons aged 50 and older.

Older Adults and HIV/AIDS - US DHHS Administration on Aging
A selection of links to statistics, fact sheets and additional useful resources on older adults and HIV/AIDS.

Aging and HIV/AIDS - theBody's extensive selection of articles and information on aging and HIV/AIDS.

Aging and HIV - Project Inform, theBody
Project Inform article hosted at on Aging and HIV.

Achieve, Fall 2009 - theBody
The Fall, 2009 issue of Achieve focused on aging and growing older with HIV/AIDS, hosted at Articles include: Growing Older With HIV, Older Adults Trainings: Stories From the Front Lines, HIV Prevention Strategies for Older Adults, HIV Prevention: Looking at the Research, Personal Perspective: Double Stigma, Exercise, Aging and HIV, Aging Before Your Time?, and Personal Perspective: Stepping Back, Looking Forward. Achieve is a publiction of GMHC and ACRIA.

Still Got it at 70: Sexuality, Aging and HIV - Achieve, Summer 2010
The Summer, 2010 issue of Achieve, including the articles Still Got it at 70: Sexuality, Aging and HIV and Let's Talk About Sex: Interviewing Older Adults About HIV and Risk.

Growing Older with the Epidemic: HIV and Aging - GMHC
Extensive GMHC publication on HIV and Aging.

HIV and Older Adults - ACRIA
ACRIA publication geared towards older adults living with HIV.

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day - The AIDS Institute
NHAAA observance, hosted by the AIDS Institute.

[1] CDC. HIV/AIDS among Persons Aged 50 and Older. February 28, 2008 Atlanta: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, CDC; 2008.


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